The Workout of the day, aka WOD can contain many different characteristics.  Some of these are listed below.



Benchmark WOD

Workout that is used as a baseline to measure progress, usually named after girls, such as Fran, Diane, and Grace.

AMRAP: As many reps as possible

AMRAP workouts are timed with a fixed time limit in which you need to do As Many Reps (repetitions) As Possible. The higher the number, the better!


EMOM: Every Minute on the Minute

Another type of workout with a fixed time limit is EMOM, or every minute on the minute. These workouts are also scored as how many reps you can do overall, but note that as time goes on your rest periods will likely get shorter!

RX: As prescribed

The goal for any crossfitter is to be able to do the workouts RX’ed, or as prescribed. Since Crossfit workouts can be scaled based on abilities  wodding3the goal is to work your way up to what the workout is supposed to be like. Examples of scaling could be using a lighter weight, completing less repetitions, or doing assisted pull-ups.

PR: Personal Record

With any workout or lift, the goal is to strive for a PR, or personal record. This is a great way to measure progress and track results!

CFOP Workout of the Day (WOD)

CrossFit WOD, February 22, 2018

CrossFit Oakland Park 2-22-2018 Toes-To-Bar (2×10 strict, 2×10 kipping) Practice Progression for Kip Floor – Hallow Position + Superman Position Rig – Hallow Position + Superman Position + Engage Lates WOD Metcon (Time) 30-20-10 -20-... read more

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