Tips on Staying Safe During CrossFit

Answers to your CrossFit training questions

Fitness fanatics, hard-core athletes, and even the not-so-athletic are discovering the benefits of CrossFit training, the challenging strength and conditioning program that’s getting astonishing results. If you want to get in the best shape of your life but you’re concerned about staying safe during CrossFit, we’ve got some good news. CrossFit training is not just for Olympic competitors and top athletes, it is an empowering way for people of all ages and physical activity levels to improve their overall strength and fitness… as long as you are in a safe, well-maintained CrossFit Gym. As with any physical fitness regimen, there a few basic safety guidelines you should follow when participating in CrossFit training to ensure you have a safe workout experience.

How safe is CrossFit training?

As long as you follow a few commonsense tips, CrossFit training is a perfectly safe way to get and stay in shape. Actually, our mobility and skill development classes make CrossFit far safer than trying strength training on your own! Just follow these four CrossFit safety tips:

  • Get serious about mobility
    Start each workout session with warm up and stretching exercises before moving onto a block of strength training and skill development and the workout of the day (WOD). Finish up with a cooldown period and mobility / stretching work.
  • Perfect your form
    Most strength training injuries can be traced back to improper form. Before you increase the intensity of your workout, have a qualified CrossFit trainer assess your form to make sure you can perform all the basic movements correctly.
  • Give yourself adequate recovery time
    Your body builds muscles during the recovery time between workout sessions, so pushing through a punishing workout schedule can actually slow your fitness journey. Your CrossFit trainer can help you develop the optimum schedule of workouts and recovery periods to meet your strength and fitness goals.
  • Stop once form is affected
    Don’t be tempted to continue once pain starts to affect your form. There’s a difference between a tough workout and pushing through an injury that needs to be rested. If a particular movement is causing you pain, don’t be afraid to modify your workout. CrossFit training is designed to be flexible so you can achieve your fitness goals without damaging your body.

Is CrossFit safe for older people?

 Absolutely! In fact, CrossFit training can be particularly beneficial for older people. This strength training regimen doesn’t just make you look and feel better, it improves weight control, strengthens bones, and increases your physical fitness level, all of which can significantly decrease your risk of injury throughout your daily life.

If you haven’t been physically active in some time, you should consult your physician to make sure you don’t have any preexisting conditions that could be a problem. Many adults lose flexibility as they age, so it’s important to start off slowly and scale your workouts up as your mobility and strength increase. CrossFit workouts are extremely scalable so athletes of all ages can work out together regardless of their strength or fitness level. You can perform the same basic movements as the younger athletes, with the weight and intensity adjusted to suit your current fitness level.

Are you ready to discover the toughest, most exhilarating workout you’ve ever experienced? At CrossFit Oakland Park, we are dedicated to providing a unique training experience that will help people achieve a greater level of physical fitness without injury. We’re proud to be one of the few CrossFit facilities that emphasize safety and mobility.  Sign up online for your free week trial at CrossFit Oakland Park, email us, or call us now at 1-954-770-7617 to discover what CrossFit is all about.


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