Lumarie Centeno – September 2017 CrossFit Oakland Park Athlete of the Month

Dear Coach Colón,
Let me start by saying that you and your staff have been all helpful in many ways and I’m truly grateful for that. I have never thought that I would enjoy Crossfit so much and because of you all I have been challenging myself every day.

  1. Why did you decide to join CrossFit Oakland Park?

    I decide it to join Crossfit Oakland Park because I wanted to see results on my body. I also wanted to do something that I could enjoy and challenge myself as I said before.

  2. What has kept you at CrossFit Oakland Park?

     What has kept me at Crossfit Oakland Park is not only because I love it so much, but because the great customer service that you all have and the great teaching as well. Crossfit Oakland Park has a way of instructing you with the right movements, and even though some of us have been in Crossfit for a long time you are always going through every workout step by step, and I love that!

  3. What is your athletic background?

    I don’t have any specific athletic background but I always love sports. When I was little girl at the age of 6 I join swimming classes for a while I loved it and I still do but then I stopped. In school, I always participate in sports like volleyball and track and if the school had games I always participate in them as well.

  4. What are your athletic goals in and outside of CrossFit?

      To be honest, my goal in Crossfit is to grow stronger physically and mentally. I say mentally because you can push yourself out of your limit only if you’re willing to let your mind not stop you. Sometimes when you think you can’t do it anymore that’s when you must tell your mind, and body you can! Be always positive in any way.  

  5.  What does CrossFit Mean to you?

    Crossfit means to me mental strength, physical strength, and it also means challenge. “Crossfit is a way of life you eat well, you train hard, you push yourself, it teaches you so much about yourself” -Ben Smith Crossfit Athlete. Love this quote so much because it is true.


    One more thing, I was hesitant of joining Crossfit because I did not know if would like it until I saw that the coaches pushed me to give my all and that has really helped me to see how far I can really go. Now because of them, I will never stop training hard and even if I move out of state, I will always remember them and they had faith in me. Thank you for that! I am and always will be a CrossFitter for LIFE. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!! KEEP BEING YOU AND NEVER CHANGE; IF YOU DO CHANGE THEN CHANGE FOR BETTER!! AND I’M TRULY HONORED TO BE CHOSEN AS THE ATHLETE OF THE MONTH!! THANK YOU!!  

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