Importance of Mobility in Your Workout

Why CrossFitters Need Mobility Training: Importance of Mobility in Your Workout

Ignoring the importance of mobility is one of the biggest mistakes that CrossFitters can make. Mobility is a key component of CrossFit (and life!) because it determines your ability to perform motions comfortably and without putting stress on your body. If you are new to CrossFit, it can be tempting to overlook mobility exercises because you want to concentrate the strength part of your training. But when you forget about the importance of mobility in your workout and only focus on the number of reps you can perform or the amount of weight you can lift, that is when you start becoming injured. Once you fully understand what mobility is and why it is important, you’ll realize why CrossFitters need mobility training to get the most benefit from strength training and workouts.What is mobility?

Mobility is often confused with flexibility. They work together, but they are actually two different things. Flexibility refers to the available range of motion of a joint. Mobility refers to how well you can move through that range of motion without putting stress on your body.

Why is mobility important?

Mobility is important for CrossFit and your overall quality of life for several reasons. With CrossFit mobility exercises are the key to getting the safest, most intense workout possible. If you don’t have the mobility to move through a range of motion without pain, you are likely to short-stroke exercises that require that movement and you won’t get the full benefit of the workout. If you force through the movement without proper mobility, you could end up with an injury that could sideline your workout plan for days, weeks, or even months.

Mobility is also important for a high quality of life, particularly as we age. When you don’t have sufficient mobility, regular daily activities become difficult. You start to suffer aches and pains, and everything from your posture to your ability to shift a bag of groceries from the car trunk is affected. When you are mobile and flexible, every part of your day becomes easier and you have a much more enjoyable existence.

How can I improve my mobility?

ROMWOD is a great class we offer at CrossFit Oakland Park that improves mobility. ROMWOD, which stands for Range Of Motion Workout Of the Day, includes all the mobility exercises CrossFit enthusiasts need to get the most benefit from their strength training. ROMWOD uses a combination of postures derived from Kung Fu, Taoist Yin and Yoga that open your body so you can perform exercises and strength training more easily, without injuries.

If you are looking for mobility training in Fort Lauderdale, CrossFit Oakland Park is the perfect gym for you! At CrossFit Oakland Park, we are proud to be one of the few CrossFit facilities that emphasize safety and mobility. We are dedicated to providing a unique training experience that will help people achieve a greater level of physical fitness without injury. Our coaches /trainers incorporate mobility into all our workouts, so you can build the strength you want without sacrificing safety. Sign up online for your free week trial at CrossFit Oakland Park, email us, or call us now at 1-954-770-7617 to discover what CrossFit is all about.

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