Freddie Phillips – June 2017 CrossFit Oakland Park Athlete of the Month

June 2017 CrossFit Oakland Park Athlete of the Month 
Freddie Phillips

Freddie has been at CrossFit Oakland Park for almost a year. He isn’t your typical CrossFit Athlete. He doesn’t wear Nanos or Metcons, doesn’t have lifting shoes, nor any Box Shirts or Rogue Para. Freddie just comes in does his workout, does is abs (of course) and leaves.

Recently he told us that he went for a physical, and his doctor said his health has improved dramatically, and to keep doing whatever he’s doing. Freddie came to me and said, “I want to thank you and the rest of the coaching staff. You all have saved my life… CrossFit has saved my life.”

You are very welcome Freddie! We love having you here, and we are happy to help along this journey to a fitter and healthier you!

Head Coach Eduardo Colón CF LVL II


  1. Why did you decide to join CrossFit Oakland Park?

    I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and had become overweight, after speaking with a friend he suggested CrossFit. I researched multiple CrossFit locations, and finally I came across CrossFit Oakland Park and spoke with Nate who invited me to come and see how CrossFit trains. After visiting I was impressed, and join on the spot; I love it.

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  3. What has kept you at CrossFit Oakland Park?

     I really enjoy the trainers, the workout, atmosphere and family.

  4. What is your athletic background?

    I started out playing basketball and football as a youngster, once I entered high school it was all about basketball. I was a 3 year Letterman in high school and played some college basketball. Now, at age 52 I still enjoy the game.

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  6. What are your athletic goals in and outside of CrossFit?

      To maintain a good healthy body and lifestyle. Furthermore, I want to be able to encourage men and women on the importance of keeping their bodies healthy.  

  7.  What does CrossFit Mean to you?

    Crossfit helped me to understand the importance of living healthy and not to be intimidated by my age. I met others that shared the same health struggles and at my current age.
    I really enjoy doing Crossfit, and believe it has saved my life. Believe me, get and stay healthy by doing something, anything, just be active… if not crossfit please do something to live a healthy productive life.

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    I did not realize how out of shape I was until joining Crossfit, during this journey I have lost a total of 30lbs and several inches around my mid section. I never thought I could lose the belly fat until I saw a difference after working out at Crossfit. So I would like to thank all my coaches Colón, Wally, Ms. G (Gina) and Nate, but most of all – God.


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