Why CrossFit for women is so popular (and why strong is beautiful)

5 reasons women love CrossFit training

Over the past several years, CrossFit has become arguably the fastest growing fitness phenomenon for women. Shifting attitudes about athleticism, strength, and what it means to be a beautiful woman are helping CrossFit to become the favorite way for many women to achieve their fitness goals. Instead of starving themselves for the “skinny look” that feeds into the antiquated perception that females need to be weak and fragile to be beautiful, women are recognizing that toned, healthy bodies exhibit true beauty. CrossFit workouts give women greater flexibility, better balance, and more stamina, along with strong minds and bodies that enable them to handle everything that comes their way. Anyone who looks at the gorgeous, powerful women who are dominating CrossFit competitions can see why strong is beautiful! If you’ve been wondering why CrossFit for women is so popular, take a look at some of the many reasons that women love this exciting fitness workout!

1.) CrossFit builds independence
The top reasons that many women love CrossFit are the increased independence and sense of empowerment it gives them. As you train with CrossFit you discover that along with developing a powerful, strong, and flexible body, you’re building the mental strength and discipline to handle all the challenges that come your way without faltering. Talk about empowering!

2.) CrossFit improves your ability to perform daily activities
Are you tired of asking for help to open a jar? Wish you had the strength to manage heavier tasks on your own? The benefits of CrossFit for women aren’t contained in the Box (our name for CrossFit gy ms). CrossFit increases your overall body strength, stamina, and endurance, which in turn improves your ability to accomplish the tasks of daily life. From needing fewer trips to unload groceries from the car to moving furniture and being able to effortlessly keep up with a busy family’s activities, CrossFit makes it easier for women accomplish all the tasks of their daily life.

3.) CrossFit builds strong bones
Women face an increased risk of brittle bones (osteoporosis), particularly once hormone levels start to decrease. This can lead to fractures and mobility issues over time. Research has shown that when combined with calcium intake, weight training like CrossFit helps counteract age-related bone loss. That’s right, CrossFit actually improves bone density, making women less prone to fractures as they age. Strengthening your muscles also improves your balance, further lowering the risk of fall-related fractures. These discoveries have led to a huge upswing in the popularity of CrossFit for women over 40, as it provides a fun, challenging way of getting the exact exercise women need to build strong bones.

4.) CrossFit helps develop a fit, strong, and beautiful body
Participating in CrossFit training doesn’t mean you have to end up with a bulked-up body that bulges with muscles. Research has shown that rapid high intensity weight training actually builds less bulk than performing a higher number of reps at a slower pace. The intense workout you get doing CrossFit creates a sculpted, firm, and beautiful body that you’ll love, with toned arms and legs, awesome abs, and a strong, powerful core.

5.) CrossFit is a family-friendly workout experience
CrossFit workouts are scaled so everyone performs the same basic movements just at different weight and intensity levels. Our athletes all join in the same workout sessions in the Box, whether they are just discovering CrossFit for beginners or are Olympic level competitors with years of CrossFit training under their belt. That makes CrossFit the perfect family bonding experience, because women, men, and children can attend the same class and share the CrossFit workout experience together, regardless of their individual strength or fitness levels.

If you’re a woman, man, or child looking for an exciting, high intensity workout that will help you develop a strong, beautiful body, we’d love to have you join us in the Box at CrossFit Oakland Park! Come discover the unique training method that will help you achieve a greater level of physical fitness while having the best workout experience of your life. Sign up online for your free week trial at CrossFit Oakland Park, email us, or call us now at 1-954-770-7617 to discover what CrossFit is all about.

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