CrossFit Oakland Park

2246 NW 29th Street
Oakland Park, FL 33311

Phone: (954) 770-7617

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About Us

At CrossFit Oakland Park, our primary goal is to provide a unique training experience designed to make our clients better.

A typical class will include a group warmup, some strength training / skill development, the workout of day (WOD) followed by some cool down stretching / mobility work. Each class will be led by a one or more of CrossFit Oakland Park's Trainers who will ensure that athletes are working within their capabilities and that movement standards are being maintained throughout the workouts. We specialize in CrossFit, Mobility, Olympic Lifting, and Strongman Training.

CrossFit Oakland Park is proud to be one of the few CrossFit facilities that emphasizes safety and mobility. Our head coach, Eduardo Colón, who is a former Army Combat Medical Specialist, understands the concept of leading people through physical activities without injury. Furthermore, are affiliated with the organization STOP Sport Injuries, which is a comprehensive public outreach program that focuses on the importance of sports safety-specifically relating to overuse and trauma injuries.

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