Carol Obrien – November 2017 CrossFit Oakland Park Athlete of the Month

I am so happy and excited to have the honour of being the CrossFit Oakland Park Athlete of the Month. I am glad that the coaches have taken note of my efforts to try my hardest and do my best. This acknowledgement motivates me to continue to carry on and do my best.

  1. Why did you decide to join CrossFit Oakland Park?

    I started crossfit at another box near to my house at the time.  When my husband and I moved to Fort Lauderdale, it was no longer convenient, so I began to search online for boxes in the area.  I had a list of about 4 to visit, and Oakland Park just happened to be the first one.  Upon our visit, we were greeted nicely, (by Gina), and we liked that the box was a perfect size, and well laid out. We did our fundamentals, and didn’t look back.  We never even felt the need to visit any other boxes.     

  2. What has kept you at CrossFit Oakland Park?

     The coaches are a big part of what keeps me at Oakland Park. I love that they allow me to work at my own pace, but they are also in tune with my ability and push me to do more when they feel like I am capable or need to challenge myself. I like the box itself. Not only is it very convenient for me, it is clean, very well equipped and well managed. Finally, I love the comradery and team spirit. Everyone has similar goals and there is always encouragement and support between fellow athletes.

  3. What is your athletic background?

    I have always been a strong athlete. In high school, I was a top athlete, and played an integral part of every team and sport offered. I was offered a full track scholarship and competed for two years in college. After taking three years off from any athletic activity, I have been on and off since that time, doing mostly running and cross training. I have taken part in a number of half marathons and 10K races.

  4. What are your athletic goals in and outside of CrossFit?

      My crossfit goal is to be able to do the signature crossfit exercises or movements without scaling. I am always so encouraged when I have learned to do an exercise that I didn’t know how to do when I first started. My athletic goals outside of crossfit would be to get back in running shape, and to compete in more half marathons.  

  5.  What does CrossFit Mean to you?

    To me, crossfit is the ultimate test of skill, strength and stamina. The workouts are well rounded and challenging. Mental strength is also important. In many instances, it is a case of mind over matter.


    I am so happy to be in an environment where physical health is the priority. I feel a sense of accomplishment after every workout, and the challenge drives me to continue. I look forward to improving and growing as a crossfit athlete. Thank you to the coaches who do an excellent job all in their own special ways. Most of all thank you to my husband Keith, who is also a crossfit Oakland Park athlete, and is always so supportive and encouraging.  


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