Best Workout for Weight Loss

Crossfit is the best workout for weight loss and helps you to get a tighter body

We all know CrossFit is a great strength builder, but you may not realize how effective it is at helping you lose unwanted weight. You don’t have to search long to find people praising CrossFit as the best workout for weight loss. In fact, a recent web article by Self Magazine named CrossFit as one of the most insanely effective workouts for weight loss that they have ever found! So let’s look at the reasons why CrossFit could be the best workout to help you reach your weight loss goals.

Burn calories

The high intensity interval training you get with CrossFit burns calories at an accelerated rate compared to traditional workouts that are performed at a slower, steady pace. Higher metabolism combined with cardio burns through the fat your body has stored. Over time, your CrossFit workouts will build your strength and improve your fitness and endurance levels. You will be able to increase the intensity of your workouts, which in turn will help you burn more calories. As you power through these fat burning workouts you will find your out-of-shape body has been replaced with a tautly toned physique.

Rev up your metabolism

The calorie-burning benefits of CrossFit last long after you leave the Box. When you perform exercise routines at a slower pace, your metabolism only gets a temporary boost. You burn calories while you are working out but the benefits are not long-lasting. CrossFit classes consist of short, highly intense bursts of strength training and cardio. Your entire body gets a workout, not just a few isolated groups of muscles. This whole body, high intensity workout gives your metabolism a boost that continues for hours, so you are burning calories long after your WOD is complete.

Build strength

As you move through the strength-training portion of your CrossFit WOD, you build lean muscle mass. Muscle is metabolically active tissue, which means that muscles burn energy simply to exist. The muscles you develop through CrossFit devour calories at a much faster rate than fat cells, even when at rest.  Now it is true that muscle is denser than fat cells, which can cause certain individuals to gain some muscle weight. But if you forget about numbers and look at what CrossFit does for your body, you will notice that CrossFitters you have become leaner, tighter, and more toned. You will develop a beautifully sculpted physique that is so much more than just a number on a scale.

Experience a supportive, motivating environment
Crossfit is the best workout for weight loss. If you have tried to exercise to lose weight in the past, you know how hard it can be to keep your motivation levels up. It can be so tempting to skip out on workouts, especially before you start to see results. Even joining a traditional gym may not help to motivate you, because you either work out on your own or join a class where everyone simply follows the leader.

Not with CrossFit! When you join us at CrossFit Oakland Park, you become part of our supportive, encouraging team of fitness enthusiasts. You will get the best workout in Fort Lauderdale, sweating alongside coaches, trainers, and fellow CrossFitters who are all invested in your success.

So what’s the bottom line on weight loss and CrossFit? When combined with a healthy CrossFit diet, this exercise regimen will help you lose fat, gain muscle, and get in the best, most toned and ripped shape of your life! Join us for a CrossFit workout in the Box and see what you’ve been missing. Sign up online for your free week trial at CrossFit Oakland Park, email us, or call us now at 1-954-770-7617 to discover what CrossFit is all about and why it’s the best workout for weight loss.

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