Kevin Lee – August 2016 Athlete of the Month

August 2016 Athlete of the Month Kevin Lee

Kevin is a person with a lot of natural ability.  Sometimes he doesn’t think he can achieve something, so it’s the job of our coaches to lead him to the promised land!  We have been throwing everything at him, and now he not only surprises himself, but he surprises us as well.  He’s a phenomenal athlete, and we are happy he is a member of the CrossFit Oakland Park Family.  Congratulations Kevin!!

  1. Why did you decide to join CrossFit Oakland Park?
    I joined the CrossFit Oakland Park with curiosity. In fact, I criticized and was pessimistic of this sport without knowing anything about it. However, when I started noticing my best friend’s body transformation after couple of months of her going to the box. I thought to myself, “I need that!” I was even more intrigued when I was told they give a week to try it out for “FREE”. lol 
  2. What has kept you at CrossFit Oakland Park?
     I felt welcomed the moment I walked into the box. All the coaches have extensive knowledge, and are passionate about this sport.  They have become my role models; I am so inspired by them. They are mad cool, yet strict at the same time lol! I don’t how they made me do pull ups and rope climbs. I could never perform them before, not even once, and now I can do them multiple times (thanks guys!) I feel so accomplished and eager for more achievements.
  3. What is your athletic background?
    I practiced Tae kwon do for 3 years when I was in high school. I am currently training in salsa dancing for 10 years now.
  4. What are your athletic goals in and outside of CrossFit?
     First of all, I don’t wanna get injured, I am considering worshiping Crossfit for life!! lol. I don’t wanna stop because of injuries. That is another reason why I came to CrossFit Oakland Park, they really are the safest CrossFit gym around!  Secondly, I want to do muscle ups at least one. 
  5. What does CrossFit Mean to you?
    I say Crossfit is my beer. It tastes bitter in the beginning, but it gets refreshing afterwards. You crave for more until your body says “no more!” Then the cycle repeats hahaha! 
    For those haters, keep hating. You are missing out!! 
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